Hardwood Flooring in the Kitchen

I love hardwood floor in a kitchen. I know some people get concerned about ruining them due to all the cooking that takes place here. There’s really not a need to worry though. Hardwood flooring is durable with some care. Mostly we swept our floors. It’s a low-tech, quiet way to care for them. Wood is  also warmer both visually and underfoot than tile and concrete. Wood offers natural beauty and an organic nature that has timeless appeal. It adds so much to a kitchen.

Have you been on the fence about putting wood flooring in your kitchen? Does this help you make up your mind?

The homes I grew up in had wood floors in the kitchens. We had three dogs and numerous children in our house. My parents still prefer wood floors in their kitchen.



Modern Style in the Big Apple

An Award-Winning Design:
New York Penthouse Apartment with Rooftop Garden

I love this New York penthouse apartment. It’s open, full of light, and opens to a rooftop garden. Numerous green and sustainable components were used in this renovation. The lines are clean and linear and yet there is a sculptural aspect to the space as well. This is an excellent example of why it pays to hire an architect for renovations, a remodel and new build jobs. If you get a good architect, you just can’t go wrong.

Hmm, I have to take that last statement back. I’ve seen some homes “designed” by architects where the owners actually dictated more of the design than the architect. The relationship between owner and architect is certainly a collaborative one; however, owners with no design sense are better off leaving key design decisions to the professional. Note the adjective “good” used above to describe which architect to hire.

If I lived in New York City I would want a rooftop garden.

What do you think of this apartment? Would you want to live here? Are you a fan of modern architecture? Read more and see more photos at the websites listed below.

Awards include:

Interior Design Best of Year 2008 Eco-Residential Winner
AIA NY State Award of Excellence 2009

Learn more about the architect: JoelSandersArchitect.com.
All photos from JoelSandersArchitect.com

Read more about this award-winning design at Architizer.com

More photos, and text if you can read French: Un Green Penthouse  It appears the rooftop also has an outdoor shower. Très amusement!



Cool Lemonade for a Hot Day

Simple, natural and great tasting.

It’s been hot and humid here in Minneapolis these past couple of days. One simple way to take the heat off is to enjoy a cold glass of homemade lemonade. It’s a simple thing to make from scratch and fresh lemon juice produces a far superior lemonade than a powder mix.

One handy tip is to make a simple syrup by dissolving the sugar in hot or boiling water before mixing it with the freshly squeezed lemon juice. By dissolving the sugar, you don’t end up with crystals of sugar swimming in your glass, or floating to the bottom of the glass and pitcher.

If you don’t own a citrus juicer, simply cut the lemon in half, hold the halved lemon over a bowl, insert a fork into the pulpy section, and then squeeze the lemon and twist the fork until all the juice is extracted. Remove any seeds that have fallen into the bowl and you’re ready to use the juice for lemonade. Substitute limes for lemons or use a combination of lemons and limes for variety.

Ah, so refreshing. Enjoy!


Everyone has their own preference for how sweet or tart they like their lemonade. Adjust the amount of sugar you use according to your own taste. I’ve also heard of people using maple syrup in place of sugar. I haven’t tried it yet but I think it could be quite tasty this way!


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