Hardwood Flooring in the Kitchen

I love hardwood floor in a kitchen. I know some people get concerned about ruining them due to all the cooking that takes place here. There’s really not a need to worry though. Hardwood flooring is durable with some care. Mostly we swept our floors. It’s a low-tech, quiet way to care for them. Wood is  also warmer both visually and underfoot than tile and concrete. Wood offers natural beauty and an organic nature that has timeless appeal. It adds so much to a kitchen.

Have you been on the fence about putting wood flooring in your kitchen? Does this help you make up your mind?

The homes I grew up in had wood floors in the kitchens. We had three dogs and numerous children in our house. My parents still prefer wood floors in their kitchen.



Fleeting Moment

Weekly Photo Challenge: Fleeting Moment
May 29, 2012

Minneapolis Public Library in downtown Minneapolis, Minnesota

Setting the table at D’Amico Kitchen restaurant in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Children playing in a tree next to Lake Minnetonka

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Real Estate and Weather and Halloween

October 31, 1991 vs. October 31, 2011

The Story of a Buyer and a Blizzard

In the fall of 1991, I was working with a buyer who was purchasing a condo. She closed on her new home on the morning of October 31st. She left the closing and immediately began the process of moving.

On that same autumn day, snow began to fall. The first few inches fell on warm pavement and turned to ice. By late afternoon, heavy snow was falling and by midnight over 8″ of snow had fallen.

I contacted my client that evening and learned that she and her daughter were finished moving into her new place. The storm continued over the next two days, dropping over 28″ of snow on the Twin Cities. My client and her daughter were snowed in and had plenty of time to unpack. We were thankful for the early morning closing.

Twenty years have passed and she is still living in her condo. Today there is no blizzard, no snow, no ice. We have the more normal fifty-degree temperature and the beautiful fall colors. My client has her lovely home and, perhaps, some trick-or-treating children knocking on her door.

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