The Master Bedroom

What’s Your Style?

–Number 1–

People have a keen interest in the master bedroom of a home. It’s a place to get away, unwind, rest, heal, rejuvenate, and share special family time. Here then begins a series of photos of master bedrooms.

This bedroom is in an older home in the Lowry Hill area of Minneapolis. Note the various elements here: leaded French windows, four-poster bed, antique cane settee, oriental rug, soothing blue walls with white trim, antique light fixture, and scalloped-edged roman shades.

What do you look for in a master bedroom? Do tell.



  1. Flo Walsh says:

    Dear Kate,

    The term “master” bedroom is a misnomer. It should be called the “mistress” bedroom, as the man of the house is invited into the bedroom by the lady of the house. It is her room and he only gains entrance by the largesse of the Mistress of the house. Therefore, contrary to common belief, the design of and choices for the decor of the room are entirely up to the lady of the house. She may have florals, ruffles, and any other feminine attributes she pleases in this room, and the gentleman will be happy to be in her “flower bower” when invited.

    In the above room, the chandelier is too small for the room and so is the lamp on the bedside table. There is only one bedside table and lamp which is fine if only one person is using this room. Also there is no table near the settee to hold the coffee cup or book.


    1. Thanks for your comments, Mom! It’s always nice to hear from the interior designer in the family. I’m not sure how the term “master” came into use in real estate to describe the main bedroom. I also wonder if the word “mistress” would leave the wrong impression in this day and age. We also have same-sex relationships and marriages now. How best to describe this space in today’s world? Maybe our readers can come up with a better word to describe this room.

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