Architecture Study: Marsh Meditation Room

A High Ceiling and Plenty of Windows

The Marsh in Minnetonka, Minnesota is a wellness center located on the edge of a scenic Minnetonka wetland. Pictured here is the upper portion of the Meditation Room. There is an additional layer of windows under these, along the lower portion of this space. They provide plenty of natural light and beautiful views.

It’s the weekend before our Thanksgiving holiday, a time when people may feel a higher level of stress. Take a moment to breathe, relax, be in gratitude, and enjoy life.

Quiet your mind and body on December 2nd at The Marsh at this event: Spend a meditative evening in the Warm Water Pool where the room will be lit only by candle light.





Photo of the Day: Birch Trees

Photographed at Jidana Park in Minnetonka, Minnesota

Jidana Park is sixty acres of a community preserve that provide passive recreational opportunities—hiking, picnicking or bird watching. The trail system includes a 635-foot boardwalk that was installed during the 2005–06 winter season, and allows visitors to experience the expansive wetland surrounding Minnehaha Creek by passing right through the wetland vegetation. An interesting note: On the west side of the boardwalk, the straight segment of trail is built on a private landing strip from the 1950s.

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