Artful Snapshots of Everyday Life

The Photographs of Elliott Erwitt

On exhibit at the Weinstein Gallery
Closes January 15, 2011

Yesterday my sister and I headed over to the Weinstein Gallery in South Minneapolis to see the Elliott Erwitt exhibit. If you are unfamiliar with Erwitt’s work, one look at his photographs and no doubt you will be captivated by them. Erwitt’s images display quite a sense of humor. John Szarkowski, the eminent photography critic, remarked that Erwitt’s work is “identified by extraordinary wit”. The everyday scenes he shot became extraordinary through his eyes and lens.

Some years ago I was looking for art for my home. I purchased one of Erwitt’s photos in poster form without knowing anything about him. It hangs in my living room. I later came across one of his photographs at a friend’s home. Still later I found out that a poster another sister of mine had hanging in her bedroom was also one of his shots. That particular image inspired my sister to travel to France for a two-week vacation after school. She went on that trip as planned. She arrived in Paris and fell in love with it. She’s been there ever since.

A view inside the Weinstein Gallery

If you’re feeling a bit of cabin fever this week, I recommend heading over to the Weinstein Gallery. The gallery is an easily managed size (especially compared to a museum) and has serene white walls and wood floors. The exhibit  is uplifting and fun; I suspect you’ll  be tickled by what you see. And who knows? An image or two  might change your life, just as it did for my sister.

Weinstein Gallery Website

A view into the gallery and a reflected view of the street scene outside.

The doorway to the Weinstein Gallery