Burst of Blooms

Photo of the Day
May 22, 2011

It seems the rain barely quits around these parts nowadays. Still, there are places to find pure joy amidst all the clouds and water. Here’s a case in point.

I’ve been driving by this sea of tulips for the past week. My eyes have been drawn to this profusion of color every time. I headed out early this morning and snapped some photos. Before the rain started–again.


Fresh Flowers Add Beauty and Color


Today I toured a home in Southwest Minneapolis that had a bouquet of fresh tulips on the dining room table. The blooms were enormous (for tulips) and were a bright salmon-pink color. They were the only adornment on the dark wood table.

The clear vase allowed the simple beauty of the flowers and their arrangement to stand out. Sunlight streaming through the windows and neutral wall colors further heightened the appeal of the room. The tulips, however, were like the perfect accessory of an outfit of clothes—it made you stop and take notice of both the flowers and the surrounding space.

I love tulips because they have a simple shape with gentle curves, are available in an array of colors, and easily look stunning without the addition of any other flower or greenery. Of course, any bouquet of fresh flowers will enhance a room. Flowers are part of nature at its best.

Tulips on kitchen table in Minneapolis


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