Grow Good Food

Wow! You Can Grow Food Almost Anywhere!

The question used to be “How does your garden grow”? A more apt question today might be “Where does your garden grow”?

It’s time to think outside the box…er, or perhaps outside the planter container, the yard, and the garden plot. Consider more outrageous, yet entirely capable, avenues for gardening. Check out the slide show below and prepare to be enchanted and inspired. Spring is coming soon, is it not?

The Incredible Edible Urban Garden

Are you chomping at the lettuce to get your own urban garden planted? I know I am. Send me some photos of your creative gardens now or later and I’ll post them here. Let’s start arugula-revolution!

Watch this video to see a truck transformed into a “farm”. So cool!



Now, let’s eat some homegrown foods. Bon appetit!

A city, a river and the Peace Bridge.

Creating more pleasure in life, bridge by bridge, step by step.

The city of Calgary is in the process of building the Peace Bridge over the Bow River. The bridge is scheduled to open for pedestrian use later this year (around October). It will allow people to walk, bike and in-line skate in and out of the city centre. It’s all about mobility choices and sustainability.

This bridge design addresses safety and comfort for users by offering:

  • A 6.2-metre wide pathway, double the width of other pedestrian bridges in the area.
  • A clear separation between pedestrian and bicycle/wheel traffic for safety.
  • Canopy-style glazed roof supports year-round use while maintaining natural light.
  • Lighting for night-time use.

The bridge was designed by award-winning architect and bridge designer Santiago Calatrava. The music and the sounds of nature featured in the video are both soothing and moving. Enjoy your virtual trip to the Peace Bridge in Calgary!

Peace Bridge Video



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