Weekly Photo Challenge: Two Subjects

April 18, 2012

Garden Art and Bench

Spring-Blooming Tree with Nest

Shovels Take Flight as Art

Artistic Bird Houses Find a Home by the Cherry Tree




Mushroom Style Architecture

A Surprise in St. Paul

My sister and I were out showing homes to a client on Saturday when we drove past this home. It’s not often we come across this style of home. They tend to be rare here in the Twin Cities. This style is referred to as a “mushroom house” because of its roof.

The detailing of the roof and the beautiful stone captured our attention. This is a newer home, built within the last ten years. My compact camera doesn’t do it justice. It’s quite striking to see in person.

The Star Tribune did a story on this type of architecture last year. Read more about the Earl Young houses in Charlevoix, Michigan.


An Arch and a Courtyard

A Lake Harriet Home

This lovely home has a beautiful stone arch over the driveway. Beyond is a courtyard with a carriage house, garages, and a side entry. On this particular day, the sun was beginning to set and the waning daylight cast a golden glow across the facade.

This is a good example of why I love older homes. The craftsmanship is superb–the materials and construction hold up over time. We can’t say that about a lot of things made today. Additionally, the designs are classic, remaining uncommonly beautiful year after year. I’d like to photograph this home at twilight, with the lights on.

Below is a view of the front of the home.

There are many lovely homes along Lake Harriet Parkway in Minneapolis. I’ll be posting more photos of homes in the area in the coming days. Come back for a visit and we’ll take a virtual walking tour of Lake Harriet homes and architecture.


Bridge Photo for July 28, 2010

Stone Arch Bridge
Minneapolis, Minnesota


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