Happy 4th of July!

Scenes from Weko Beach, Bridgman, Michigan.

I was fortunate to spend summers in this idyllic part of Southwest Michigan as a child. I recently spent a week here and still love the woods and beaches that make this place so special.

This water tower was a big, brownish blemish on the beachfront when I was a child. The artwork covering it now is far more charming. The artwork is weathered from its exposure to the elements but this quality only enhances it in my eyes. It gives it a natural look and feel that fits in with the surroundings. It’s definitely an improvement from its former bland and unappealing visual state.

Many people will be heading to cabins, lakes, campgrounds, and parks this weekend. Enjoy the respite that nature provides so brilliantly.  And may you find your own bit of charm this holiday weekend.

The History of Bridgman, Michigan


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