Photo of the Day: Pumpkin Patch

The Stages of Pumpkins

October 15, 2010

Young and Green

Older but Still Green

Orange and Almost Ready


Big, Round and Ready to be Carved!

Have you carved your pumpkin yet?

Some forgo the carving process and buy plastic instead.

Is this a trick or a treat?



Photo of the Day: Wayzata Bay

Wayzata Bay next to Gray’s Bay Bridge

Stately Homes with Views of Wayzata Bay and Gray’s Bay

A Man Takes in the View



Bridge Photo: Midtown Greenway Trail

Former Railroad Bridge—Now Midtown Greenway Trail

Bridge Photo for October 13, 2010

This channel lies between Lake of the Isles and Lake Calhoun. Bikers, walkers, runners, and others make use of the trails and paths that surround the lakes. People travel this waterway by canoe, paddle boats, and kayaks during warm weather months. In winter months, people take advantage of these frozen, open spaces for walking, ice skating, cross-country skiing, and other activities.

Link to Midtown Greenway Information

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Photo of the Day: Fall’s Brilliant Colors

A Sight to Behold Surrounds Us

I hope you enjoyed this series of fall photos. They were taken in Minnetonka, Minnesota with my cell phone camera.




Bridge Photo for October 6, 2010

Old Stone Bridge

This bridge is located at 54th and Upton Avenue South in Minneapolis, MN.
Minnehaha Creek flows below the bridge.


More photos of and stories about bridges




Photo of the Day: Wayzata Yacht Club

Early Evening in Wayzata
September 16, 2010

Hello to fellow sailboat photographer Matt.
Thanks for sharing your photos with me. It was fun.
Same time next week, weather permitting?





Minnesota’s Historic Bridges: The Stillwater Bridge

Bridge Photo for September 15, 2010

The Stillwater Lift Bridge

Built in 1931.
Listed on the National Register of Historical Places in 1989.

The Stillwater Bridge is a rare surviving example of vertical-lift highway bridge construction of the Waddell and Harrington type. It spans about 1050 feet. Six vertical-lift bridges were built in Minnesota and Wisconsin prior to World War II; The Stillwater Bridge is one of three remaining in existence today. The vertical-lift span operates during the May to October navigation season.

Click on any photo below to see it larger.

And the vertical-lift is up!


Learn more about the historic Stillwater Bridge at the Minnesota Historical Society website: Minnesota Historical Society

More articles on the bridge and Stillwater:

What’s ahead for the St. Croix River and the Stillwater Bridge:
St. Croix River Crossing Project

Wikipedia Article on the Stillwater Bridge

The bridge may one day get new life as a pedestrian and bicycle bridge, along with a return to its original colors of deep green and silver.

If you plan to visit Stillwater, check here to learn more:
Greater Stillwater Chamber of Commerce

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Old + New = Good Design

Timeless Design of 1961 Lives Beautifully With 2010 Design

Combining old and new elements in a space can greatly add to the welcoming ambiance of a room. This charming desk nook is in a bedroom of a home built in 1961. Note the curved front to the desk. The top of the desk opens up and provides storage underneath. The window lets in natural light and the shutters provides shade and privacy as needed. I imagine this beautiful desk was considered rather luxurious when it was first built.

The symmetry of the closets on either side of the desk makes for an appealing
wall within the room. Abundant closet space in a bedroom in 1961— and in 2010.

A modern floral lamp works beautifully in this bedroom today.




Photo of the Day: Delightful Design

A Charming Entry

I love the conical turret entrance with arch-shaped door.
Note also the narrow slice of roof that curves down to the front
and creates a sense of enclosure.




Photo of the Day: Ramsey Court

Don’t you love a pretty courtyard?

The gate with the lettering above is a nice touch.

Photographed in the Irvine Park neighborhood of St. Paul, Minnesota.




Photo of the Day: Kinetic Sculpture

Public Art at Cedar Lake

A kinetic sculpture by Bruce Stillman—1983

This sculpture is said to have a mysterious history. I think it’s titled Loch Ness.
It’s located near the south shore of Cedar Lake at Ackerberg Point.




Photo of the Day: Early Evening Runner

Shadows fall across a path in front of a runner.

Photographed at Lake of the Isles in Minneapolis, Minnesota.



The Minnesota State Fair: Before

Things I’ve Never Seen Before at the Minnesota State Fair

Tick-tock, tick-tock.

It’s the final hours before the gates open. Yes, the Minnesota State Fair, also known as the Great Minnesota Get Together, starts tomorrow. It’s generally a very busy affair for the two-week duration. Last year, 1,790,497 people attended the fair. Here’s a link to see the daily detailed attendance records: MN State Fair Attendance. With so many people around, it’s easy to understand how things can be overlooked.

This scene is near the Roasted Corn Shack and the Grandstand.

I was over at the fair grounds back at the beginning of the month to drop off a piece of art. There were no crowds of people to negotiate around. I was able to take a leisurely stroll about the grounds. Here are photos of the fair grounds before everyone comes through the gates. You, too, might see some things you’ve never seen before. (Click on any of the smaller photos to see them larger.)

Chef Statue

Close up of the chef statue.

Pronto Pups Statue

His hand raised to his ear makes it look like he’s talking on a cell phone.
You can find this farmer statue across the street from the Fine Arts Building.

People dropping off art for the Fine Arts Competition.

Colorful benches stacked up.

A wind turbine blade outside the Eco Building.

Workers find a shady spot to enjoy lunch.

Grandstand stairs without all the people.

Sky Glider Ticket Booth

Sky Glider waiting for chairs.

Long view of Sky Glider

A view from ground level.

Temporarily vacant street and grounds.

Flowers and signage outside the Grandstand.

Good eats at the French Meadow Bakery.

Avez-vous essayé les crêpes françaises encore?
(Have you tried the French crepes yet?)

Applying a fresh coat of paint.

Corn Farmer Sculpture

“Dedicated to the farmers who feed the world.”

A clown sculpture

The Gates at Dan Patch Avenue


Here’s a link to the Minnesota State Fair website for more information:
Minnesota State Fair Website

August 26, 2010 – September 6, 2010

I believe we have the second largest State Fair in the country.