Weekly Photo Challenge: Two Subjects

April 18, 2012

Garden Art and Bench

Spring-Blooming Tree with Nest

Shovels Take Flight as Art

Artistic Bird Houses Find a Home by the Cherry Tree




Side Yard View

Photo of the Day
January 12, 2012

As a Realtor, I am always looking at homes as I walk and drive and bike around town. I usually look beyond the basic facade. What else is there to see? What details does the home have? What is the landscaping like? What colors have been utilized? Is the front yard gated off or open to the street?

The foliage here created a window to the side yard. And here was the view.


Photo of the Day

Clouds Over Calhoun

This photo was taken in August of this year. My sister and I were walking back to the car after our fun afternoon at the Uptown Art Fair.


Pratt School in Southeast Minneapolis

Photo of the Day
April 8, 2011

66 Malcolm Avenue SE, Minneapolis, MN

Most of the snow here in the Twin Cities has melted. The days are getting longer and warmer. I was browsing through photos and came across this one from earlier in the winter. I like the signage with the name and street address in metal.

Goodbye winter and snow and cold. See you again someday but not too soon!


Trees and Snow and Hills and Beauty

Photos of the Day
February 20, 2011

I ventured off the beaten path and found an unexpectedly peaceful place.

Hill of Trees

The ice crunched underneath my feet and tires,
adding sound to the otherwise silent landscape.

Three Trees and Nature's Light

Here were three trees, standing tall and majestic.

A Red Bench and a View

I walked across a field of hard snow to this red bench and thought to myself –
‘I’m walking on water’.
Being in the quiet and beauty of nature always makes me
feel connected to things greater than myself.

When did you last veer off the beaten path? What did you discover?



Artful Snapshots of Everyday Life

The Photographs of Elliott Erwitt

On exhibit at the Weinstein Gallery
Closes January 15, 2011

Yesterday my sister and I headed over to the Weinstein Gallery in South Minneapolis to see the Elliott Erwitt exhibit. If you are unfamiliar with Erwitt’s work, one look at his photographs and no doubt you will be captivated by them. Erwitt’s images display quite a sense of humor. John Szarkowski, the eminent photography critic, remarked that Erwitt’s work is “identified by extraordinary wit”. The everyday scenes he shot became extraordinary through his eyes and lens.

Some years ago I was looking for art for my home. I purchased one of Erwitt’s photos in poster form without knowing anything about him. It hangs in my living room. I later came across one of his photographs at a friend’s home. Still later I found out that a poster another sister of mine had hanging in her bedroom was also one of his shots. That particular image inspired my sister to travel to France for a two-week vacation after school. She went on that trip as planned. She arrived in Paris and fell in love with it. She’s been there ever since.

A view inside the Weinstein Gallery

If you’re feeling a bit of cabin fever this week, I recommend heading over to the Weinstein Gallery. The gallery is an easily managed size (especially compared to a museum) and has serene white walls and wood floors. The exhibit  is uplifting and fun; I suspect you’ll  be tickled by what you see. And who knows? An image or two  might change your life, just as it did for my sister.

Weinstein Gallery Website

A view into the gallery and a reflected view of the street scene outside.

The doorway to the Weinstein Gallery



Photo of the Day: The Alexander Ramsey House

265 Exchange Street South, Saint Paul, Minnesota

Former residence of the first governor of Minnesota Territory
and the second governor of the state of Minnesota.

This is one of the nation’s best preserved Victorian homes. It features carved walnut woodwork, marble fireplaces, crystal chandeliers, and many original furnishings. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The house was built in 1872 in the French Second Empire style. Tours of this 15-room, 11,000 square foot house are offered year-round by the Minnesota Historical Society which owns and operates the home as a museum. The home is currently decorated for the holidays.

This home sits in an area known as Irvine Park, one of the first trendy neighborhoods in Minnesota. At the center of the area is a public square with an ornate fountain. Numerous historic homes surround the park. The neighborhood district is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and the city of Saint Paul has also designated it a historic district. Tour the charming neighborhood as well as the Alexander Ramsey House. History buffs and fans of historic architecture will be delighted. The public square is located by Ryan Avenue and Walnut Street.

Read more about the Christmas tour at the Ramsey House by clicking on the link below. Tours run November 27th through December 26th. Call before going as reservations are required.

A Victorian Christmas at the Ramsey House



Bridge Photo: Civic Center Park

Crossing Minnehaha Creek in Minnetonka

The Civic Center Park is located north of Minnetonka’s City Hall. This park has 147 acres of land and features a soccer field, play equipment, trails, an outdoor amphitheater, and a canoe launch.

Minnetonka Parks and Trails



Photography: Men on the Streets

Photos of the Day
November 3, 2010

I don’t often take photos of people. Today I ventured out with another photographer to partake in what is known as “street photography”, a type of documentary photography capturing subjects in candid moments. Here are a few shots from this morning, taken in downtown Minneapolis.

Special thanks to all the men here who so readily agreed to be photographed.



The Spooks Are All Here!

Happy Halloween!

Best Trick-or-Treating House in St. Louis Park
2929 Dakota Avenue South

Visit if you dare!


Please Bring a Food Shelf Donation
and Help Those in Need.


Below is a slideshow of more photos. Place your mouse over the photo to see the slideshow controls. Some are repeats of the pictures above but there are about 30 photos altogether.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Lights and action begin at approximately 6p.m.

Hey, what’s that behind you?.





Beauty in Imperfections

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Hanging Garden

Global Tree Project

I came across this image on another blog and was immediately struck by the beauty and spirituality it portrays. This abandoned space, Holy Cross Church in Mount Adams, Cincinnati, Ohio, is on the National Register of Historic Places. It’s beauty is still so evident even while it is fading from neglect. To me, this Hanging Garden breathes new life into the space, awakening hope, opening eyes to the beauty within its walls, creating a sanctuary once again, calling for a restoration of this 19th century church to its full magnificence–so like nature herself.

“Developing my Global Tree Project HANGING GARDEN at Holy Cross Church,” says Turner-Yamamoto, “I was drawn to debris in the abandoned church where pieces of fallen plaster and paint fragments melded with age-old dust. The material reminded me of the ruins I saw in Italy. It presented an extreme and insistent form of reconciliation between human and nature.”

“I found beauty in the decay of the church,” says Turner-Yamamoto. “There’s a beauty in how things crack. You can see nature’s power. It’s like looking at a bolt of lightning—it’s the same for me.”

Art installation and photos by Shinji Turner-Yamamoto

GlobalTreeProject.org – Press Release


The artist Turner-Yamamoto discusses the project on this video:




Neighborhood Photo Tour: Isles

Lake of the Isles–October 2010
Part 1 in a Series

A sculpture of a horse in a front yard of a home on Lake of the Isles Parkway.

Set your mouse over the photos below to see the slideshow controls.

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Photo of the Day: Delicately Dressed with Trees

Slender, delicate trees give this home a magical feel.

I love these slender trees in front of the windows of this home. They make me think of jewelry, adding sparkle to an otherwise unadorned wall. Other descriptions that come to mind as I view this scene: Window dressings from nature, a translucent fence between house and road, a sprinkle of color against a dark wall, paint splattered across a canvas, light-emitting life growing from the earth below.

The rest of the landscaping is equally as enchanting and helps to soften the angular lines of the home. The curving driveway and circular patio provide a welcoming entry and first impression.

Photographed in Minnetonka, Minnesota.