Front Door and Color

Feng Shui Tip: Front Door Color

Bring more opportunity into your life by using color on your front door. Use three colors for the exterior of your home: one color for the walls, a second color for the trim and a third color for the front door.

The front door is considered the “mouth of chi” —the place energy enters your home. It is also known as the “mouth of opportunity”. By painting your front door a contrasting color from the walls and trim colors, you invite more energy, and hence opportunity, into your home and life. Below are beautiful examples of a colored front door working to support the homeowners.

Many people seem hesitant to paint their front door a color. Drive or walk around your neighborhood and look at homes that have a colored front door. See how pleasing and inviting it looks to the eye.

If you’re concerned you’ll choose the wrong color, seek the advice of a color consultant or an interior designer (check my Resources page for contact information for color consultant Steve Kleinpaste). You might also ask a friend who exhibits style and flair. If you plan to sell your home, I provide color consultation as part of my listing and staging services.