Perfect Bliss: The Screened Porch

Perfect Bliss Can be Just Outside One of Your Doors

A screened porch on the front of a home.

I grew up in homes with screened porches. It was the best room in the house on a summer day. The porch was a spot that offered shaded comfort, gentle breezes, the sounds of nature, and the perfect place to read, dine, play cards, talk and nap. And best of all—no mosquitoes!

It’s still my favorite place during summer. I’ll take a screened porch over a deck any day of the week.

Many homes feature an open porch. Here’s an article that offers a new and improved way to install a porch screen.

How to Install a Porch Screen | Step-by-Step | Porch | This Old House – Introduction.

A Porch on a Home by the Creek
Porch and Chairs
A Wrap-Around Porch
Porch with a view of nature.
This home's porch opens to the master suite and the dining/kitchen area.
The porch overlooks this beautiful garden with a water feature.


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