Decorating: Halloween Style

Photos of the Day
October 31, 2012

I just couldn’t resist these three lovely ladies riding their brooms!

A friend sent this photo of a pumpkin carving contest.

Here are ideas for Decorating for Halloween, Naturally

Have a sweet-filled day and a spooky, fun night.



Real Estate and Weather and Halloween

October 31, 1991 vs. October 31, 2011

The Story of a Buyer and a Blizzard

In the fall of 1991, I was working with a buyer who was purchasing a condo. She closed on her new home on the morning of October 31st. She left the closing and immediately began the process of moving.

On that same autumn day, snow began to fall. The first few inches fell on warm pavement and turned to ice. By late afternoon, heavy snow was falling and by midnight over 8″ of snow had fallen.

I contacted my client that evening and learned that she and her daughter were finished moving into her new place. The storm continued over the next two days, dropping over 28″ of snow on the Twin Cities. My client and her daughter were snowed in and had plenty of time to unpack. We were thankful for the early morning closing.

Twenty years have passed and she is still living in her condo. Today there is no blizzard, no snow, no ice. We have the more normal fifty-degree temperature and the beautiful fall colors. My client has her lovely home and, perhaps, some trick-or-treating children knocking on her door.

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The Science of Carving Pumpkins

Carve First, Scoop Later

Pumpkins carved to celebrate an October birthday

It’s pumpkin carving time. Most of us have carved pumpkins. I’ve always scooped first, then carved. Here’s an interesting video on why to reverse these actions. Happy carving!


A pumpkin carved into a jack-o'-lantern for Ha...

Pumpkin carving - photo taken in darkness to s...

Pumpkins at Halloween

 See this gallery for ideas:  Custom Carving Gallery of Maniac Pumpkin Carvers


The Spooks Are All Here!

Happy Halloween!

Best Trick-or-Treating House in St. Louis Park
2929 Dakota Avenue South

Visit if you dare!


Please Bring a Food Shelf Donation
and Help Those in Need.


Below is a slideshow of more photos. Place your mouse over the photo to see the slideshow controls. Some are repeats of the pictures above but there are about 30 photos altogether.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Lights and action begin at approximately 6p.m.

Hey, what’s that behind you?.





Photo of the Day: Pumpkin Patch

The Stages of Pumpkins

October 15, 2010

Young and Green

Older but Still Green

Orange and Almost Ready


Big, Round and Ready to be Carved!

Have you carved your pumpkin yet?

Some forgo the carving process and buy plastic instead.

Is this a trick or a treat?