Quintessential Blue

Weekly Photo Challenge: Blue

This week’s photo challenge on the The Daily Post is ‘Blue’. So many images come to mind with this word. The sky. Water. Cobalt blue glass. Pottery. Coldwell Banker Burnet real estate signs. The blue jay. Blueberries. Hydrangeas. Where to begin? Let‘s start here:

This, to me, is quintessential blue; the beloved blue jean.

A magazine cover depicting water and the word blue.

Lake Calhoun and the Minneapolis Skyline

A starlit background with a message.

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Coldwell Banker Burnet
Minneapolis Lakes Office

Photography: Men on the Streets

Photos of the Day
November 3, 2010

I don’t often take photos of people. Today I ventured out with another photographer to partake in what is known as “street photography”, a type of documentary photography capturing subjects in candid moments. Here are a few shots from this morning, taken in downtown Minneapolis.

Special thanks to all the men here who so readily agreed to be photographed.