An Artistic View of Minneapolis / Lake Harriet

The Camera as Canvas and Paint

Artists can often be found along the shore of Lake Harriet during the warm days of spring, summer and fall—canvas propped on easel, paints and brushes in hand. The bandshell, the lake and the sailboats provide a picturesque setting worthy of the time and attention of an artist.

The camera is my version of canvas and paint. The click of the shutter is the paintbrush in motion. I’ve many photos from my walks around the lake. Today I edited a few of them with my Photoshop software to create the look of an artistic canvas. I certainly have my share of bandshell, lake and sailboat pictures. Many times, however, I’m even more delighted with the compositions I find elsewhere around the lake.

Fence and Wall at the Lake
Leaves a-flutter
Turtle Fountain at Twilight