Antique Car and a Penny-Farthing

Photo of the Day
May 11, 2012

This was a fun way to start my day last Friday. I drove up next to this antique car with the penny-farthing on the back. The car was perhaps a Model A or a Model T. I positioned myself behind it once the road went to two-lanes. At that point, I remembered I had my cell phone and snapped a few photos. I loved seeing this car and bike and traveling down the road with it. I only wish I’d had my other camera with the zoom lens. Happy Friday everyone!

Note: Click on the photo to see it larger.


Blue Skies

Photos of the Day Nothing but Blue Skies

The clouds finally cleared out today. What a beautiful, cloudless, blue sky. We haven’t seen this for some time. Welcome back, blue sky! What a beautiful color study you are.

This is a photo of the actual sky. What a glorious shade of blue.

More beautiful blues!

Listen to Ella Fitzgerald, “The First Lady of Song”, singing Blue Skies. Bookmark this page for a future cloudy, rainy day when you need a sunny, blue sky. .

. Ella was quoted as saying “I sing like I feel”.

I photograph how I feel.