Home Buyers Beware | Watch Out For Kitec Plumbing

I’ve heard of water issues with this type of plumbing. I agree, Buyer beware. There’s plenty of information available on the web. Here are a couple of sites with information.



According to this write up, the State of California has banned PEX in many building structures. http://www.coengineers.com/preventable-problems-with-pex/

Bear in mind that older homes that have been renovated may have this type of plumbing. Renovated homes are often pretty; Look beyond the surface appearance.

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I always say, “hire a professional” and it is very important when hiring a home inspector to check out your potential new home.

I hadn’t heard of Kitec Plumbing a couple of years ago until a trusted home inspector found it in a home that my Buyer Clients were trying to purchase in Burlington.  It was a gorgeous, nine year old town-home in great condition.

kitec plumbing copied from kitecsettlement.com website. Typically orange and/or blue.

What a heart-breaker when the home inspector told us that Kitec Plumbing was found and that it has a high failure rate and was the subject of a class action law-suit.  

My clients were still interested in the property but could not live with the lack of peace of mind that this plumbing would bring. Visions of arriving home to a flood was more than anyone should be expected to endure. Now that the Seller knew about the issue, there…

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