I Hope It Doesn’t Fall Down

Weekly Photo Challenge: Wrong

This week’s photo challenge is to depict something wrong. As in, there’s something wrong here. Here is a photo of a house I came across while out and about one day. It’s a stately home that has seen better days. I’ve been by it before, a few years ago, and it doesn’t appear to be getting much maintenance on the outside. This area definitely needs repair: this is serious wood rot.

Here’s another photo showing more of the front exterior and the way these pillars hold up the roof of the front porch and the third floor space. What keeps these homeowners from repairing their home? Is it financial issues? Is it lack of interest? Do they feel overwhelmed with the rest of their lives? I hope they can have it fixed before it comes crashing down.




  1. Seriously as the images shows the condition of this house is not good..There is not any guarantee of it’s safety..It can be damaged at any instance..So positive action should be taken by the owner of this house..So that not so finencial and other losses would occur….

  2. Northern Narratives says:

    That’s sad.

    1. It is. I hope they can find a way to repair it. Alas, much of the exterior needs work. It will be a big job and more money than just fixing this pillar. It was clearly one of the stately homes in the neighborhood back in its day. I’m sure it still can be a gem if restored. It’s on a nice lot.

  3. i think the owner is over confident that his house will not fall down or may be they are planning to sale this house

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