Weekly Photo Challenge: Together – At Lake of the Isles

This week’s challenge is the theme “Together”.  Here are a few shots I took earlier today while out seeing homes on the Minneapolis and Saint Paul Home Tour.

It was overcast when I walked by these two bikes in East Isles. I applied a couple of Photoshop filters to this one to create an art look.

Trees along the lake were blossoming and in the pink!

A father and daughter were playing in a tree, more or less unseen but heard. They said yes to having their picture taken and gave thumbs up about their experience in the tree.





  1. nonoymanga says:

    Nice bicycle shot. Thanks for sharing Nonoy Manga

  2. Nice photo’s. I like what you did with the bikes 🙂

    1. Thanks. I think the artistic filter gave it a little more style.

  3. eof737 says:

    Beautiful photos… 🙂

    1. Thanks! It was fun taking them.

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