Real Estate Update

Real Estate Weekly Update
August 8, 2011

Despite the anxiety on Wall Street, home buyers on Main Street continued along their merry way. Twin Citizens entered into 1,029 purchase agreements, up 49.1 percent from the 690 seen during the same week in 2010. Sellers, conversely, introduced only 1,323 new properties to the market for a 15.8 percent decline from last year.

For buyers, that marks 12 consecutive weeks of double-digit increases in activity. For sellers, it marks eight consecutive weeks of declines in activity. Relatively strong sales coupled with subdued new listings has drawn down the inventory of actively marketed properties to 24,734. That’s a 17.9 percent decrease from last year at this time, the largest decline since November 2008.

Competitive pricing, low-interest rates and high affordability continue to support a favorable purchase environment for buyers; while strong sales and declining supply should eventually translate into fewer and less dramatic seller concessions. These trends will bring a greater sense of balance and normalcy to the marketplace.

Stats provided by the Minneapolis Area Association of Realtors.


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