Design by the Numbers

Quirky, Functional and Everything in Between

There’s a great variety of house numbers. Here’s a selection to provide inspiration for creating your own!

Aged and charming!

Elegantly styled in iron.

Fluid iron on solid, weathered brick.

A house number and a shamrock on a pillar.

Simplicity on a post.

Carved into a boulder.

Whimsical on a wall.

Striking in silver.

Golden on a lamp post.

Large and Lit –There’s no missing this one.
North Star Lofts Building in downtown Minneapolis.

The image matches the name: Stone Arch Lofts

The address marker for Washburn Lofts in downtown Minneapolis.
A historical site shown in a modern context.

Cool and contemporary outside a shop.

What does your house number look like? Send your photos!



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