Minneapolis–St. Paul Real Estate Market Update

Real Estate Weekly Update
November 22, 2010

Despite the icy roads, year-over-year purchase demand gives the appearance of gaining some traction. For the week ending November 13, there were 577 Pending Sales in the Twin Cities metropolitan area, a small 4.3 percent decline from year-ago levels.

Don’t put too much stock in this closing gap of home buyer activity, as compared to 2009. This year’s home sales have remained relatively flat at winter levels since the tax credit expired last spring. Buyer activity declined at this time in 2009 and that’s driving down the year-over-year change. We’re just now entering the part of the calendar where this sales trend is to be expected.

After two weeks of flirting with black ink, seller activity is back in the red. The 1,144 new homes listed on the market was a 5.3 percent decrease from 2009 levels. Inventory increases seem to be tapering off, a seasonal expectation for this time of year. There are 24,849 homes for buyers to choose from, up 10.4 percent from year-ago levels. That’s the smallest inventory gain in seven weeks. If this trend continues, it will serve to help rebalance the Twin Cities housing market.

As reported by the Minneapolis Area Association of Realtors



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