Photography: Men on the Streets

Photos of the Day
November 3, 2010

I don’t often take photos of people. Today I ventured out with another photographer to partake in what is known as “street photography”, a type of documentary photography capturing subjects in candid moments. Here are a few shots from this morning, taken in downtown Minneapolis.

Special thanks to all the men here who so readily agreed to be photographed.




  1. beth says:

    Hiya Kate, What a great idea! I love it. The personalities of these guys really come through. Robyn surprised me with a photo class at the Ansel Adams studio for a day.

    This will be my first chance to use the camera in cold weather. I hope it does well. Any tips?

    1. Beth–A spare battery is a good idea so you can change it out when the one in the camera gets cold. They don’t work well when they get cold. You’ll want to keep the spare battery warm by keeping it in an inside pocket or some other place near your body heat if possible. How cold will it be? When I shoot with my small camera, I try and keep it inside my coat so it doesn’t get too cold. Lucky you getting to take a photo class at the Ansel Adams Studio. I’m so jealous! Have fun and give me a call afterward so I can hear all about it.

  2. Very nice, I like the creative angles!

  3. Abra says:

    Hi Kate,

    Love these photos. You seem to get to the heart of these guys. They bring me right back to the US.

    Thanks for sharing these and I’m inspired to take my camera out to capture a few generous faces like these.

    Thanks to the folks in these photos for showing up and making my day brighter.

    Warm regards,


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