“Hump Day” Now Seen in a Whole New Way

Let’s declare Wednesday “Bridge Day”

Wednesday. This is the day people refer to as “hump day”. It’s the middle of the work week. Two days already behind and two days to go before another weekend. We in real estate don’t think of our week this way since we often work on weekends as well as during the week.

I recently viewed a photo of a bridge that took me to another place, mentally if not physically. As I looked at other photos of bridges, I found myself having a different reaction and experience to each one.

I’m posting some of them here for your pleasure. For all of you working today, Wednesday, and thinking about your upcoming weekend, I say enjoy this virtual trip around the world. Use the comment section below to let others know what reaction and/or experience you have from seeing these images.

Hump day is thought about as something to get over or beyond, a challenge, and another day of struggle before the slide into the weekend and its freedom from work and fun. I now like to think of Wednesday as “Bridge Day”.  No challenge, no struggle–simply a picturesque means of getting from one place to another with infinite ways of enjoying the journey.

Bike trail with covered bridge

I’d love to be riding a bike along this trail. How about you? Would you also be riding a bike? Maybe a horse. Walking or running perhaps? You decide.



Charles Bridge in Prague


Chilkoot Bridge


Where are you now?



Where does your mind go when you view this scene?




Avignon, France


Photos courtesy of http://www.morguefile.com




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