Art in the Garden

Featured Artist: Allison Armour

A garden can be a sanctuary, a visual and sensory delight, a source of food, a habitat for nature’s various creatures and birds, and a place to satisfactorily work on a hobby or passion. It’s also an appropriate place for art.

I recently read about Allison Armour and her award-winning work. I was immediately struck by the simple beauty and elegance of her pieces. The light-catching metal reflects and enhances the wonderful array of colors in a garden and the sky. The sphere fountain adds a soothing water feature to an already peaceful place.

Allison Amour’s award-winning pieces at Chelsea

Look at the mirror obelisk for more inspiration. It’s mirror surface reflects the flowers and sunlight while it’s pointed and sharp-edged shape offers a striking contrast to the softness of the plantings.

Here are additional photos of her spherical fountains and sculptures:

Allison Armour Aqualens water fountain
Allison Armour Aqualens water fountain
Allison Armour Aquasphere
Allison Armour Garden Sculpture
Allison Armour pole sculpture


To learn more, visit Allison’s website:





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